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Design the Absurd | Workshop

We had a fun workshop this week. Petro prepared some dismountable items for us to recombine into new products for future groceries.

I really like the workflow of this workshop. I am an overthinking person. I usually research and struggle before deciding on a design idea. However, in this workshop, I designed without think too much, just playing with the materials and see what happen. It is a great experience. I feel the happiness, freedom, and inspiration of "absurd thinking."

The first product I designed is called home boss. Many people will laze when work from home. Some people will play games. Some people will sleep, some people will even go out shopping. (Sorry, I did that.) If I am the boss, I would be very angry - I am paying my employee to sleep for at least 15 dollars per hour!

A home boss is a robot that can supervise your employee—warning them when they loaf on the job. The home boss has a clock on it to remind the employee - it is still working time! Also, the Home boss has robotic feet to walk around and supervise employees from different angles.But it now! You can save a lot of money by paying less salary.

The second product is called Happy toilet plunger. No one likes plunge toilets, but we need to do it sometimes. How to improve this experience? How to make people like plunging toilets better?

With a speaker on it, Happy toilet plunger can transfer the plunging movement power to electricity and play happy music when people are using it. Have fun!

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