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INS light

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

INS Light

Capture the color palette from your daily life.

And customize your unique INS light:)


Many people love using Instagram to record and share the moments of their lives. Every individual has a unique personality and life vibe.

INS Light is an Instagram-branded light decoration.It lights up by sensing colors in the real world. It helps users to capture color palettes from their lives. Each INS Light is a unique display of colors, just as each lifestyle is a distinct reflection of persons.

The customizability of INS Light is a design tailored to human diversity. Just as the reason we love Instagram so much, that everyone can 'Capture and share their own world's moments'.

How to use it?

Stage1. Color Camera

  • Hold the button to detect the color of objects. You can read the name of color on the screen in real time.

  • Release the button to collect the color into your light box. The light box can store up to 3 colors.

Stage2. Light Display

  • After collecting the colors, you can place it as a decoration.

  • You can also turn the switch to loop lights.

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