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PCOMP | Project2-idea

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

I know that you all love video apps like Youtube and Netflix. Nothing could be cozier than laying on the bed and watching your favorite drama. However, it is also important to stand up and do some exercise. Especially during the Covid, Our outdoor activities are reduced. Thus, the in-home workout becomes more needed.

The challenge is that, how could you motivate a person to change from this (picture 1) to that (picture2). Think about that, the most efficient way is to tell the person that, if you don’t exercise, the video won’t play. Right? If you are too lazy to move, the video player just feels the same.

Based on this scenario, I designed the hula-hoop video controller. As long as you are playing the hula-hoop, the video plays. You stop, the video stops.

There’s also a multi-players mode that you can compete with your friends. The player who exercises harder could get props to interrupt others' video. For example, play back your friend's video for 1 min or send him an advertisement.

I believe this design could enhance people’s in-home workout experience by getting people involved into the interesting videos and forgetting about the hardness of doing exercise. Hope everyone can stay healthy during this special time, thank you.


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