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Updated: Apr 14, 2021


Playout is a game to enhance people’s in-home workout experience by getting people involved into the interesting videos and forgetting about the hardness of doing exercise.

Demo Video

Background Information

How long do you spend on the video apps everyday?We all love watching videos. It is comfortable to be a couch potato, just laying on the sofa and watching your favorite drama.

However, it is also important to stand up and do some exercise. Especially during the pedantic, our outdoor activities are reduced. Thus, the in-home workout becomes more needed.

The challenge is that, how could you motivate a person to change from this to that. Based on this scenario, We designed a game to improve people’s in-home workout experience.

How it works

Step1, pick a controller

Physically, there are tow controllers. One is the hula-hoop controller. The other one is the dumbbell controller.

There will be two players. Each player picks a controller and compete with the other player.

Step2, get ready.

The game starts when both controllers gets active input data of movement values.

Step3, the workout competition

Players starts to watch videos that they like, in the same time doing exercise with the controller that they chose.

The players' workout scores will be present on the corner of their screens.

Step4, reward and punishment

The player who works harder can keep enjoying videos, and the loser will be interrupted by annoying gifs.

Step5, next round

Each round is about 30 seconds. Then, the scores will be reseted for the next round.


dumbbell controller & hula-hoop controller Physical setup:

Arduino nano 33 iot, battery

Arduino code:

Sending analog data of gyroscope x value from Arduino to P5 though bluetooth.

Download ZIP • 2KB

P5 code:


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