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PCOMP | Week2-3

Updated: Oct 10, 2020


It is my 3rd week of learning physical computing. I am very happy to see my progress in the past weeks:)

In the first week, I did labs mostly by flowing videos step by step, and setting up circuits exactly same as the reference image.

Then, in week two, I become more familiar with the circuit diagram and start to setting up circuits without looking at the reference image. Although all labs went successfully, I was not that clear about the functions and code for Arduino.

This week, I am getting more comfortable working with Arduino. I understand more about the use of each pin. For example, the difference between digital and analog pins, when and how I should use them. Also, I can read the code more smoothly. Though I am still very struggle when writing my own code, I am gradually getting used to the structure and logic of Arduino code.

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