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Sound&Video | Project3-Gods’ Conference

Time goes so fast. It's already mid of the semester. I love that we have opportunities to try and experiment with different medias in the Video and Sound class. I learned more than I expected in this class. Thank you Gabe.


Hold a gods’ conference on zoom to discuss about the problem of environmental degradation in human realm. Our 3 team members will act as 3 gods to guide participants to find out the solution.


For the final project, I did a live performance with EnTung and Rebecca. It was a great experience to collaborate with my team-members. The most playful part of doing this project was that we improved the story of our performance gradually through really random and free talks. Every week, we meet on zoom or on floor and discussed about whatever comes to our minds. The atmosphere was always good, and surprising ideas just came from our casual brainstorming unconsciously.

  • Stage1

  • We started from researching fairy tales. And fond that “Gaia” and “Nuwa” represents similar role in Chinese and Greek mythologies. So we tended to search "mother god" in different cultures.

  • Stage2

  • We decided to have a zoom conference in the god realm. We discussed about what gods from different cultures will talk about if they meet together. Maybe they would complain about people worship them less nowadays. Maybe they would discuss about the chaos caused by Covid in the god realm. Maybe the gods are doing zoom meeting because of Covid. There are still lots of opportunities, and we finally decide the theme of the conference to be "environmental degradation."

  • Stage3

  • With Gabe's advice to add interactive elements we added breakout rooms discussions to our performance. It is a big progress.

  • Stage4

  • Also with Gabe's advice, we worked on the ending of our performance and fond the way to combine what happened in three room in to one story.

Performance Journey


  • Kokopelli: welcome

  • Nuwa&Gaia: introduce self


  • Nuwa: Humans can only be slaves of us until they clean up the earth.

  • The competition among three teams.

  • Each team has one minute for each question, and Nuwa will give them scores from 1 to 3.

  • (The team with the highest score can move to a new planet, and the second team can stay on the earth, and the last team will die in the flood!)

  • The air cleaning team/The water cleaning team/The land cleaning team.

  • Gaia: Punishment for ruining the earth.

  • Game:

  • Explain the stories in the game,

  • players choose which greek punishment character they play

  • Play for 1 minute

  • Discussion - which player did they choose? Why?

  • Choose punishment

  • How does it feel to give punishment ?

  • Kokopelli: We should create another planet for humans to move.

  • Mural:

  • Name of the of the planet

  • Where is the planet

  • How to get there

  • Geometrical feature

  • Biological feature

  • Draw one thing you wish to bring to the new planet


  • Nuwa: Announce result of the competition.

  • Gaia: Announce the punishment.

  • Kokopelli: Present the blueprint of the new planet.

What can be better

  • The script can have more interesting details.

  • Think about and be prepared for the gap time.

  • Performing is hard for me. EnTung and Rebecca did much better on performing characters' personality and control the atmosphere of the group. I should definitely practice more, and maybe ask help from them.

  • Simplify the experience in my breakout room.

  • Guide people on how to use the Mural tool.

  • For people who do not know drawing, think about easier interactions.

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