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Sound&Video | Week2

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

Assignment - Sound Walk (cowork with Stuti)

The Piano Stair

Create your own music by climbing up the staircase!

(The sheet music is about Étude <Hanon> which is totally nightmare in my childhood 🧒)

Download ZIP • 22.59MB


It was my first time to work with Unity. With experience of C4d the modeling part was not hard for me. However we do met problems on the controller. It took us time to figure it out. Thanks Stuti so much for patiently debug:)

Our original idea was to put an instrument on every step of the stairs. As you climb up, more and more instrument would join the music to make up a song.

The original idea was inspired by google mix lab:

However we gave it up since we do not have enough music knowledge to remix a good song. (The moment you realized that you should listen to Mom to work harder on the instruments.)


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