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Video&Sound | Week1

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

Assignment 1 - The Danger of The Single Story

With experience in branding and advertising, I totally understand that the way we tell stories could affect people. My job was to figure out the most attractive parts of a product and make strong statements of these. How we describe the product would make a big difference on people's attitude towards the product, although it is the same product. Thus I do believe that "stories" have the power to make big impact to the society.

We are all "readers" in the society. It is important to keep in mind that stories can never cover the whole truth (either good or bad stories). In the same time, we need the ability to "write" and speak for ourselves.

Assignment 2 - Short Sound Collage

[Have a Good Night]

A story about the war between a person in bed 🛌 and mosquito 🦟.

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Gabe Barcia-Colombo
Gabe Barcia-Colombo
Sep 14, 2020

Joy this sound collage is fantastic! I really felt like a mosquito was buzzing around my head. Have you heard of binaural microphones? They are microphones that mimic the sound of the human head and ears

How much did you play with panning from the L to R tracks with this composition? You may want to try putting the buzz in one ear to see how that sounds. Also the ending is quite abrupt! Maybe leave a second or two of room tone at the end so it doesn't cut off so dramatically! Great work! --Gabe

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